Vakantiepark Fruithof

Flip en Fleur

Flip & Fleur and Frits the Fruitkabouter (the Fruit Gnome) are part of the activities team at De Fruithof Holiday Park.

Read what Flip & Fleur have written themselves:

Hey! Pssssst! Yes, you over there! I’m talking to you! I want to tell you something. I am Flip and I would really like to become Superman! Together with my girlfriend Fleur, I go every year to Capfun De Fruithof Holiday Park. That place is really super duper cool! Do you know what they have there? Swimming pools where you can plunge in every day, but also amazing slides and a recreation pond where you can sail your rubber boat or cross the pond in a raft and a trampoline and many playgrounds and a recreation hall with game computers and and and .... Fleur! Say something too!

Me? Hmm... Oh, OK! I am Fleur and I want to become a famous singer. And that works out just fine because at Capfun De Fruithof we have a real stage where I can often perform in musicals and playback shows. But very often I also join my new friends at the sports field where we play badminton or tag or simply lazy around. That’s what so nice about Capfun De Fruithof. You can do what ever you feel like doing. Right, Flip?

Yes, you certainly can! So if you want to have the most fantastic, super cool, awesome holiday, then you must ask Mom and Dad to go on holiday this year to Capfun De Fruithof. Then we can play together!

See you soon at Capfun De Fruithof!

Flip & Fleur, Carabouille and Frits de Fruitkabouter

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8,6 130 reviews